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About Youth Nations Cup

This youth tournament will give U18 players an opportunity to play on a team with others outside of their regular Club team and represent their personal heritage on the pitch at a younger age. Providing and supporting a welcoming, inclusive and diverse event in the heart of Cloverdale in the City of Surrey, British Columbia in which players of all backgrounds can come together without barriers to play the beautiful game of soccer while representing their personal heritage is the primary goal of this unique tournament.

This tournament is intended to support player interest and future participation in the Adult Nations Cup Tournament that takes place annually in Richmond, BC and as such, follows the same general principles.


What people are saying:

"I am incredibly excited to play for my parent's home country and represent my heritage this summer!"


- Jaspreet

"I can't wait to play with new teammates and wear the colours of Italia!"

- Gabby

"As a player in the adult Nations Cup tournament every year, this is my opportunity to give back as a coach and continue the tradition of pride in playing for my home country"


- Carl

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